Links we liked (about Australia) – Animal Edition

Giant extinct tree lobsters on a rock in the ocean (and now at the Melbourne Zoo)! A fantastic story by Robert Krulwich – who also happens to be COA‘s commencement speaker in June. Way to pick a winner black flies.

The Dingo, Australia’s protected pest. I guess they’re still trying to figure out if dingoes eat babies or not. Seriously.

flying fox

Flying Fox. Photo credit: Oystercatcher (Flickr).

We love flying foxes!  And they make love too! There’s a huge colony right in the heart of Melbourne that we’ve already visited. Laura fell in love immediately but was denied the request to bring one home. They sure are cute in a ‘as long as 3,000 aren’t flying at me’ kind of way.

Where do spiders go in a flood? The city of Wagga Wagga in northern Victoria just found out. The floods here have been big news and just about the only thing covered by the national media last week. They look to have subsided for the most part with, what one might consider, minimal damage.


I am too cute to hate. Photo credit: Gundy (Flickr).

Why do so many of the trees in Melbourne wear collars? Well, Melburnians are at war with one of their native marsupials but only have themselves to blame.

The fight between drivers and bicyclists get ugly in Sydney. And a lesson in the differences between governmental devolution in the United States and Australia.

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